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About Commercial Kitchen Direct

Our Mission

Our mission is to help restaurateurs keep their kitchens running smoothly and happily, by delivering high-quality light kitchen equipment faster than any supplier on the planet—and to consistently wow our customers by providing insanely awesome, expert service that keeps ‘em coming back.

In addition, we’re committed to leveraging our enthusiasm and integrity to develop deep, long-term relationships with our valued manufacturer partners. And—last but not least—to keep our all-important team members engaged, focused and having a ball while being the best in biz!

In other words, we love what we do. Our goal is to make our customers and suppliers love working with us, too.

Faster than a Speeding Line Cook... It's Commercial Kitchen Direct!

We know when you need kitchen equipment, you need it now. Yesterday, even. That’s why we promise same-day shipping (up ‘til 9PM ET) on a large inventory of in-demand, in-stock items.

We know some of your suppliers grumble and squawk when it comes to filling rush orders, but we welcome them. We crave them. We understand—and share—your need for speed. You know what a pit crew looks like in action? That’s kind of like our order fulfillment team. Call us adrenaline junkies. Call us over the top. Shop with us, and get what you need ASAP. 

Our Company Culture

All of us are greater than one of us, as a wise man once said. That’s our company culture in a nutshell. We approach business as a cohesive team—a team made stronger by our diverse talents and personalities. We are not another cookie-cutter restaurant equipment supplier. (No offense, cookie cutters. We are big fans of cookies.)