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Antunes Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Antunes offers the units you need, delivered fast! Browse below for conveyor toasters and egg stations for delicious breakfast products, hot dog equipment to keep your food hot & juicy, money saving cup dispensers and more!

Commercial Toasters

Serve up sandwiches with the heartiest ingredients and never fear soggy bread with a perfectly golden bun hot out of a commercial toaster! We've got a wide variety of options to suit your needs including conveyor and vertical contact models.

Commercial Steamers

These commercial steamers are perfect for quickly steaming portioned vegetables, proteins, and more! We’ve got models that have reservoirs for versatility or direct water connections to eliminate the need for manual refilling. Many of these models are designed to operate using only plain tap water!

Commercial Breakfast Equipment

Breakfast is widely considered the most important meal of the day, and all day breakfast menus have never been more popular. Get in on the action with an egg station and cook fresh eggs on the fly and serve up hot, fresh breakfast on your schedule!

Hot Dog Equipment

It’s never been easier to increase impulse buys and maximize profitability for your convenience store or concession stand than with our in-stock selection of hot dog equipment!

Heated Display Cases

Ensure your hot food is kept at the perfect serving temperature and shown in the best light with a heated display case! These heated merchandisers can increase sales with the sights and smells of hot, fresh food.

Countertop Food Warmers

Hold soups, sauces, sides, entrees, and more with a commercial food warmer! Commercial food warmers can hold cooked food at safe serving temperatures, so it’s hot and fresh when customers are ready to eat! These food warmers are great for buffet and serving lines as well.

Water Filter Systems

If you want to serve the highest quality beverages or protect your restaurant equipment from hard water, we’ve got the water filtration you need in stock and ready to ship.


Water Filter Cartridges

If you already have a water filter system, check out our vast in-stock selection of replacement water filter cartridges!

Cup and Lid Dispensers

Stop waste and keep your beverage station sanitary with our countertop cup dispensers! These prebuilt stainless steel organizers hold the cups, lids, and straws your customers need for their beverages.

Commercial Kitchen Timers

Make sure cook and hold times are adhered to with a commercial kitchen timer! Timers take the guesswork out of cooking and increase consistency across meals, so you serve the best meal possible.