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Antunes GST-1H Flatbread Toaster 9210970

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  • Toaster’s wide-mouth opening accommodated products up to 16" wide
  • Digital controller features easy-to-adjust settings for temperature and motor speed
  • Top and bottom high-temperature platens ensure fast, even toasting
  • Integrated heated landing zone keep foods hot until serving
  • Motorized conveyor with front load and front return will fit existing workflows

About Antunes GST-1H Flatbread Toaster 9210970

Need to serve pitas pronto? Gotta have flatbreads fast? Antunes GST-1H Flatbread Toaster 9210970 toasts pitas, flatbreads, and tortillas to perfection in just seconds, so you can keep slamming out orders at warp speed. Cooks raw tortillas in the wink of an eye, too!


In fact, this flatbread toaster heats each of the following items to an ideal 160ºF (71ºC) this fast:

Type of Bread                                   Approximate Cook Time

Pre-cooked flour or corn tortillas        6 seconds

Flatbreads                                          6-10 seconds

Uncooked flat flour tortillas               12 seconds

Uncooked flat corn tortillas                24 seconds


How it works: this flatbread toaster features a fast-loading motorized conveyor that guides products along two high-temperature platens, then gently deposits them on an integrated, heated landing zone that keeps ‘em hot and fresh until they’re plated. And thanks to the toaster’s wide mouth (hey, sometimes having a big mouth is a good thing!) it can easily handle jumbo burritos and other oversized delights.  

And with its front load and front return, it’s easy to fit this stainless steel flat bread toaster into any kitchen configuration. Uses an L6-30P plug.

If you’re curious about Antunes’ toasting technology, here’s a video with more information!

Flatbread Toaster by Antunes


Power Type:
Control Type:
4600 Watts
208 Volts
60 Hz
20 Inches
17.25 Inches
23.32 Inches
183 Pounds
Plug Type:
NEMA L6-20P 
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