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Antunes HRS-200 Hardness Reduction System 9700562

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  • Hardness reduction system includes filter and head
  • Saves you money: fewer service calls, less downtime
  • Provides highest quality water for delicious beverages
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Blend setting allows you to specify the level of hardness reduction

About Antunes HRS-200 Hardness Reduction System 9700562

Unless you enjoy paying for more equipment repairs—not to mention serving bitter coffee—the Antunes HRS hardness reduction system is a must for restaurants and coffee shops in hard water areas. It prevents nasty lime scale deposits that can damage your expresso-based coffee machines and steam equipment, which drives up costs and downtime…and makes your signature beverages taste off.

This Antunes HRS-200 Hardness Reduction System 9700562 uses an advanced five-step process to remove scale-forming ions, while its blend setting lets you to specify the level of hardness reduction, so you can optimize beverage quality and equipment performance.

And if cost is a factor—isn’t it always?—you’ll like knowing this system features a low-cost installation package that includes a filter and head and allows for quick, easy, sanitary cartridge changes. The system also includes a flush valve, carbonate hardness kit, and fittings to attach ½" ID hose and/or 3/8" OD tubing.

The HRS can be installed horizontally or vertically. Either way, it will keep your kitchen equipment in great working order—and keep your customers coming back.

Note: for best results, the Antunes HRS system should be installed after an Antunes ultrafiltration system that reduces sediment, particulate, and chemical tastes/odors.

Horizontal or Vertical 
Service Flow Rate:
0.5 gpm gal/min
Maximum Temperature:
7.25 Inches
23.63 Inches
7.25 Inches
15.23 Pounds
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