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Antunes MS-150 Miracle Steamer 9100423

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  • This Antunes Miracle Steamer turns plain tap water into superheated dry steam that retains food’s flavor, color, texture and nutrients
  • Two steaming options: quick pulse for finishing/melting cheese and timed-cycle for cooking
  • Features a 14" spatula
  • Uses a NEMA 5-15P 15 amp, 120 V plug
  • Self-contained water reservoir for flexible installation

About Antunes MS-150 Miracle Steamer 9100423

Abracadabra—with the Antunes Miracle Steamer, you cannot only cook hot foods faster but ensure they always taste and look their best! The steamer converts everyday tap water into superheated dry steam that is hotter (212°F) than wet steam and cooks foods more consistently.

Best of all, unlike its drippy cousin, dry steam doesn’t soak food with water vapor, so it never gets soggy or funky. Foods to maintain their original flavor, color, texture and nutrients—exactly how you want them to emerge from your kitchen.

It steams from the top down, so it’s perfect for finishing and melting cheese.  By delivering a consistent amount of steam, it removes the guesswork and ensures you get great results from line cook to line cook.

This spatula-style Miracle Steamer has two steaming options. For finishing an entrée, melting cheese or quickly heating a dish, release a fully-adjustable pulse of steam (it just takes the push of a button). For foods that require longer cook times, use the timed-cycle mode which you can set from 0-99 minutes.

The MS-150 9100423 features a self-contained water reservoir on the side for flexible installation. It uses a NEMA 5-15P 15 amp, 120 V plug. It features a 14" elevated spatula for loading foods.

And of course, the steamer’s sturdy stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and delivers a long, dependable service life. They don’t call it the Miracle Steamer for nothing!

To find out more about how Antunes can expand your menu with a versatile steamer, check out the videos below!

Steaming by Antunes

Variety Steamer Menu Capabilities


1800 Watts
120 Volts
15 Amps
50/60 Hz
Steam Source:
21.38 Inches
10.25 Inches
21 Inches
58 Pounds
Plug Type:
NEMA 5-15P 
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