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Antunes SSDAC-5 Cup Dispenser 9900332

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  • Cup dispenser protects the health of customers and prevents excess waste
  • Holds paper, foam, or plastic cups, and dispenses them one at a time
  • Adjustable Dial-a-Cup collar fits cups from 8 to 32 oz. in size
  • Individual cup dispensers can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or overhead
  • Features stainless-steel look collar

About Antunes SSDAC-5 Cup Dispenser 9900332

To stack or not to stack, that is the question. Actually, not really. Everyone knows cup dispensers are more economical and sanitary than simply stacking cups.

Setting out stacks of self-service drinking cups promotes waste, which drains beverage profits. It’s too easy for customers to grab more than one cup or tip the stack over. Plus, a communal stack of drinking cups is a great way to spread germs and illness. And it’s just plain yucky.

This Antunes SSDAC-5 Cup Dispenser 9900332 serves up drinking cups one at a time, preventing waste and ensuring customers need only touch one cup. Plus, it’s versatile. It hold virtually any type of disposable cup—paper foam, paper or plastic—and the adjustable collar accommodates cups ranging from 8 oz. to 32 oz. in capacity. Speaking of collars, this one features a modern, stainless-steel look.

Furthermore, these individual cup dispensers can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or overhead, saving space in your beverage station or kitchen. We’ll raise our cups to that! 

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