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Antunes VCTM-2 Mini Vertical Contact Toaster 9210913

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  • Perfect golden brown finish to stop soggy bread with even the juiciest toppings
  • 60% smaller than standard units
  • Variable speed motor
  • Belt wraps eliminate bun markings
  • Includes auxiliary heater and butter wheel

About Antunes VCTM-2 Mini Vertical Contact Toaster 9210913

So you want an Antunes vertical contact toaster—after all they’re used in some of the world’s most successful foodservice operations—but, you don’t have much free counter space? No problem! This mini vertical contact toaster takes up 60% less space than Antunes’ standard units, but will still make your buns the toast of the town.

These toasters gives buns a crisp golden brown finish that keeps its crunch, even when cozied up against the rarest, juiciest burgers and toppings. They produce perfectly-toasted buns and rolls, which make awesome burgers taste even more awesome. Toasted buns stay firm and warm, so they feel great to hold and taste great to eat.  

But can this mini contact toaster keep up with demand? You bet! Its dual-sided platen and two toasting lanes offer greater capacity than conventional toasters, so you can satisfy a hungry crowd fast. Plus, its variable speed motor and digital controller allows you to make adjustments as needed, so you can toast every type of roll to perfection. It even features an auxiliary heater for warming the top side of the buns!

And of course, its compact, space-saving design conserves valuable counter space, while its sturdy stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and delivers a long, dependable service life. 

The Antunes VCTM-2 Vertical Contact Toaster 9210913 features a butter wheel for adding flavor. It uses a NEMA 6-20P 120 volt plug.

If you’re curious about Antunes’ toasting technology, here’s a video with more information!

Vertical Contact Toasters by Antunes


Power Type:
Control Type:
3100 Watts
208-230 Volts
14.9/13.5 Amps
50/61 Hz
14.75 Inches
25.5 Inches
15.25 Inches
70 Pounds
Made in America:
Plug Type:
NEMA 6-20P 
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