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Antunes VZN-421HC Ultrafiltration System 9700770

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  • Ensures highest quality water in food and drinks
  • An ultrafilter and chloramine cartridge separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction
  • .015 micron ultrafilter removes 33 times finer particulate than standard 0.5 micron filters
  • Keeps the “good” water minerals that produce better-tasting drinks
  • Delivers a peak capacity of 7.9 gpm

About Antunes VZN-421HC Ultrafiltration System 9700770

Well-filtered water is a must in the foodservice industry—it improves the taste of food and drinks, while protecting your equipment. Duh. But not all water filtration systems are created equal, especially if your municipality adds chloramine to its water. If you want a highly-effective system that’s highly cost effective (and who doesn’t?), look no further than the Antunes VZN chloramine ultrafiltration system.

This model ensures the highest-quality water by combining two advanced filtration technologies: a self-cleaning ultrafilter and a long-lasting chloramine filter. Water passes through mechanical ultrafilter first, ensuring only mechanically pure water enters the chloramine cartridge, extending its lifespan.

End result: better tasting, odorless water and a chloramine cartridge that lasts longer—one full year, to be precise. One low-cost chloramine cartridge change per year = lower maintenance and operating costs!

Plus, the .015 micron ultrafilter removes 33 times finer particulate than standard 0.5 micron filters, while maintaining the beneficial water minerals that promote good taste and good health.

The Antunes VZN-421HC Chloramine Ultrafiltration System 9700770 is a horizontal system with one chloramine cartridge and a peak capacity of 7.9 gpm. The chloramine reduction conforms to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for 21,000 gallons chloramine reduction at 5 gpm flow.

It boasts a small footprint, a small cost of ownership and a big ROI!

To find out more about the technology that makes Antunes Ultrafiltration Systems efficient and cost-effective, check out the video below!

Ultrafiltration Systems by Antunes

Number of Cartridges:
Micron Rating:
0.015 Microns
Service Flow Rate:
7.9 gal/min
Filter Type:
Ultrafilter Chloramine Carbon 
Maximum Temperature:
Maximum Pressure:
100 psig
9 Inches
39 Inches
31 Inches
48 Pounds
NSF Listed:
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