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APW Wyott HRS-50S Hot Dog Roller Grill Slant Top 21831950

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  • The HRS-50S is a roller grill designed to heat and safely hold grill snacks and can hold up to 50 hot dogs
  • APW's TruTurn textured rollers help ensure product keeps spinning and just wipes clean with a rag for fast cleaning!
  • Two heating zones allow you to cook a hot dog in less than 4 minutes and then turn it down to safe holding temps so you don't miss those impulse buys!
  • An infinite control allows precision adjustment to perfectly merchandise any roller grill foods
  • Cleanup is easy thanks to raised rollers and a removable grease collection pan

About APW Wyott HRS-50S Hot Dog Roller Grill Slant Top 21831950

Roller grill foods are popular, from melty cheesesteak taquitos to pancake-wrapped sausages and all the way to the legendary hot dog, these foods are great for a quick bite and as a welcome reprieve from a long day on the road. But if you don't have a roller grill, you're missing out on these impulse buys!

Don't miss out: APW Wyott can help with the HRS-50S X*PERT Series HotRod Roller Grill! With 10 rollers and a 30 1/2� cooking surface across, this full size roller grill can fit up to 50 hot dogs, sausages, and other delicious roller grill items.

The HRS-50S is designed to require minimal labor so you can focus maximum effort toward customer satisfaction, not equipment.

Two heating zones enable you to cook hot dogs in less than 4 minutes and then turn it down to safe holding temperatures because customers don't have time to wait.

An Infinite control system allows temperature adjustment for a wide variety of roller grill snacks including doggos, sausages, egg rolls, taquitos, and whatever other cylindrical culinary concoctions they think of next!

APW Wyott's Tru-Heat system provides more even heat, eliminating hot spots that could cause overheating and shortened hold times, so you can minimize waste!

The rollers on this model are sheathed in APW's TruTurn textured coating to help ensure your lil' doggies keep on turning, and the coating means your rollers just wipe clean with a damp rag.

Speaking of clean up, PTFE seals at the end of rollers stop grease from getting inside the unit. The raised rollers allow cleaning in otherwise hard to reach spots, and the removable grease collection pan makes for a quick disposal, so you've always got a great looking grill!

The HRS-50S is built to last: it sports a durable stainless steel exterior for a long service life. Inside the unit, the patented bearing design (US Patent 8,727,625) is larger, tougher, and has more surface contact area providing more tube and gear sprocket support. This eliminates wear and wobble, more than doubling the overall life of bearings.

A self-aligning chain guide and tension system along with a dependable, high torque motor means you'll have smooth, noise free operation for years to come.

When the inevitable time for service arrives, this unit is ready to go with easily removed side and bottom panels.

The HRS-50S has 120V of power and uses a NEMA 5-15P plug.

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Number of Hot Dogs:
Top Style:
985 Watts
120 Volts
11 Amps
60 Hz
11.75 Inches
18.625 Inches
34.75 Inches
55 Pounds
Plug Type:
NEMA 5-15P 
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